Animator Supervisor
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Fortiche: Why did you choose this career path? 

I have always felt the need to draw in my notebooks and for me, animation is life!

F: How long have you been working with Fortiche?

I have been working at Fortiche for two and a half years

F: Can you tell us about your career ?

I have been working in feature film animation for over 19 years and was formerly an animation supervisor at Dreamworks in Los Angeles.

I graduated top of my class in 2005 from the Gobelins school in Paris, which gave me access to the prestigious Californian studios.

F: What is your role on the project or at Fortiche?

I am currently supervising about twenty animators from the Animation department of Fortiche Montpellier on the Arcane project.

I also set up the project which consisted in decentralizing part of the animation at Fortiche, to suggest a different living environment in the south and thus find the Californian living environment in France.

F: What is your best memory at Fortiche or do you have an anecdote to share with us?

My best memory at Fortiche remains the mornings with Arnaud D. on the terrace before starting work, but also the famous Fortiche parties that end at 6am!

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