Based in Paris, Montpellier and Las Palmas (Spain), our ambition has no limits or borders and neither does our talents! Producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors and editors are all in house and work all together from concept to final project delivery.

The studio's unique graphic style blending 2D and 3D media with smart and fancy direction are at the heart of the #ForticheTouch.

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  • Montpellier, FR — 
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Las Palmas

My best memory at Fortiche was the realization of what I was about to work on and with whom.

Can you tell us about your career?

I started my career as a crowd animator in Illumination Macguff. Even though I always had a soft spot for CG animated films more than any other form of animation, I moved to London to work in VFX for 5 years, where I worked at Framestore, ILM, MPC and DNEG. Even though VFX work wasn't my favourite, I learnt quite a bit about realistic movement and acting and developed a quick workflow. But my love for CG animated high quality content would always end up winning, and I'm glad I joined Fortiche, which for me is the perfect mix of realism and stylization. I've said it before and I'll say it again for the record, Fortiche are the Kings and Queens of good taste. Now let my colleagues think I'm a suck-up.

Why did you choose this career path?

I did my very first animation in university in 2D, pencil on paper, a lot of paper, and I firstly fell in love with the illusion of movement, the fact that these separate drawings in pieces of paper could actually move in front of my eyes. But after I pursued this passion and continued my studies in 3D, I then fell in love with the acting and the illusion that this puppet can become a character, with thoughts and feelings. Some say it's a bit of a “god complex” animators have, but I think it's more of a portrayal of all the moments and emotions I've observed throughout my life. I only know that these puppets can portray real characters because their emotions are made through a lens of real people in real situations. And for me trying to recognize and identify real human emotions and their specific representations in each person is one of the most challenging and rewarding things. More than a “god complex”, animation is the characterization of human experience. And once you really think about this, who wouldn't fall in love with it?

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