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Fortiche: Can you tell us about your career?

I'm Welsh and worked as a graphic designer in the UK for several years before becoming an animator. While working as a designer, I took animation courses in my spare time and after a few years, I became specialized enough to get my first proper animation job, which happened to be in France. So I moved to Paris in 2015 and worked at several other studios before being hired by Fortiche.


F: Why did you choose this career path?

Before university, I wanted to work in music and instead settled for illustration and graphic design. In my illustration studies, I had a brief introduction to animation that made me realize it includes almost everything else I like doing. So animation for me is a mixing pot of my favorite things; art, musicality, story, and technology.


F: How long have you been working with Fortiche?

I've been at Fortiche for just over two years. 


F: What is your role on the project or at Fortiche?

I'm an animator, so my job is to move the digital puppets that make up the characters, following the direction of my supervisors and directors.


F: What is your best memory at Fortiche or do you have an anecdote to share with us?

The day I was hired is my favorite memory. At that point I didn't know much about the project, because very little information had been released. The people who interviewed me were down to earth and I was amazed at the quality of what was being done. After talking and looking at examples, we walked around the studio and I saw some past colleagues I'd worked with before elsewhere. Best intro to a studio I've had!

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