Assistant Director
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Fortiche: Can you tell us about your career?

I have a rather funny career path because I knew from the start that I wanted to work in animation. 

After a high school diploma in sciences, I was accepted at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne to do a double degree in Management and Cinema. It's a new selective and general training that allowed me to understand that... I'd learn the most with working experience! 

I was then accepted at Gobelins and at the Gustave Eiffel University in LGPA (Audiovisual Production Management) which is a work-based applied bachelor’s degree in audiovisual production. 

This training takes place over a year, half working in the company and the other half studying audiovisual production, live action, and animation.

I did my apprenticeship at Watch Next Media as a production assistant and assistant director. It allowed me to strengthen my skills, before landing at Fortiche!

F: Why did you choose this career path?

I couldn't have hoped for better than work in animation: I need to take part in maintaining adults and children's inventiveness. The need to maintain wonder and to continue to make people dream. It's a stimulating, creative, dynamic, cooperative environment, full of twists and turns: you can go at a quick or slow pace, there is no such thing as routine and every day is different! 

F: How long have you been working with Fortiche ?

I have been working with Fortiche for 10 months :) 

F: What is your role on the project or at Fortiche?


I am the "Assets" assistant director, that is to say everything that is to be created: characters, inanimate animated objects (props) and the scenery (backgrounds).

I mainly make sure that the directors’ intentions are followed at all stages of production, from concept to design, modeling, and texturing.


F : What is your best memory at Fortiche or do you have an anecdote to share with us?

Halloween: I dressed up as a bee and gave candy to everyone :)

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