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Fortiche: Can you tell us about your career?

I started working in 2008 as an IT Tech in an apprenticeship for an electronics factory. I spent the following years working in Australia and the UK before moving back to France where I met a friend who encouraged me to apply to Fortiche.

F: Why did you choose this career path?

I've always had a passion for machines. My father and grandfather had also chosen a career in IT, so this path was a natural choice for me after high school. 

F: How long have you been working with Fortiche?

I arrived at Fortiche in June 2017, it was my first animation studio. There was a lot to set up in this "small" Parisian studio which was just starting the Arcane project.

F: What is your role on the project or at Fortiche?

My role is to make sure that everyone works in the best possible conditions, which means maintaining the state of the computers, software, servers, network and guaranteeing data security. It is necessary to listen to the artists and the production to understand the difficulties of all and to offer adapted solutions. 

Since the Covid19 pandemic, we must also allow a maximum of our artists to work remotely.

F: What is your best memory at Fortiche or do you have an anecdote to share with us?

I have great memories at Fortiche, thanks to some incredible encounters. Fortiche is a real gold mine, with talents of all kinds, passionate personalities who are always trying to make the projects we work on more beautiful, more innovative...  I also remember projects like KDA or RISE,  when for months, songs would fill the studio all day long. My favorite part is watching the evolution of each scene during the production, between each department. 

The funniest thing for me is to read the comments of the fans who analyze every detail of each frame trying to deduct some of the craziest theories :P

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