Props Designer
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Fortiche: What is your best memory at Fortiche or do you have an anecdote to share with us?

When I arrived, the supervisor of the RIG department, Pascal B., made sure everyone brought in home made snacks once in a while (instead of buying cookies from the local supermarket).

He used to give us bad points when we broke the rule but otherwise it allowed nice discoveries and convivial moments to happen.

F: How long have you been working with Fortiche ?

It's been 11 months since I started at Fortiche, I arrived in April 2021.

F : Can you tell us about your career ?

Fortiche is the first studio I worked for. I graduated from the art school LISAA in september 2020. I was studying 2D animation and aimed to become a character designer.

F : Why did you choose this career path? 

I originally was interested in character design, but when Fortiche offered me the opportunity to work with them, as a Props Designer on Arcane, I was super pumped up. I see props design as a great way to diversify my skills, as I was more used to draw characters. Moreover, Arcane already looked really good and I felt honored to be welcomed to it.

F : What is your role on the project or at Fortiche?

My role on Arcane is to define the appearance of props. They have to stick to the project's aesthetic, the directors' ideas and to be functional if they have to be moved around by the characters. I also have to focus on the rendering as it can guide the texture department.

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